Our Servants Have Become Our Masters

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Doc Greene Texas
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Our Servants Have Become Our Masters

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Now we know that the United States Of America, the grand experiment as a Republic, is Dead. It will continue to decline into Anarchy over the next year or two. Sadly The Republic of Texas ruled by Globalists like Gregg Abbott and Dan Patrick has decided to go down with the ship instead of declaring independence. I advise you to load up on supplies because we will be out of Fuel in a few months and there will be no trucks on the highway aside from the military who will be "keeping the peace" as it were. Since the farmers got only 50% of the needed fertilizer there will be very small crops next spring contributing to huge food shortages. I wish you all the best.
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Mad Anthony Wayne Texas
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Re: Our Servants Have Become Our Masters

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Working for the summary of this primarily for Freedom Texas ----

Republican candidates for US House and Senate got 6 million more votes than they did in 2020. Some people did move "right" but this is offset by three factors:

1 Voters are schizophrenic - the country may be a mess but my rep is not at fault for it, especially if the rep is on "my team" and seems likable
2 I think at least 5% of the vote is fraudulent and engineered by the "D"s - Bob the fake Mexican won Dallas County, but 65%? I might believe 60%, but the north part of the county is still R.
3 Population replacement is a thing. I make it as 5 million illegal aliens a year making it into the country and some number of them are being used as voters (see point 2)

We have reached an inflection point, and the system is probably not salvageable. The Republican party is generally frozen out of the mechanism of running elections with a few notable exceptions and Texas is at risk. Look at the makeup of the Texas Legislature-
Number of Republicans House and Senate
2022 83 18
2020 83 18
2018 83 19
2016 95 21
2014 99 20
2012 95 19
2010 100 19
2008 76 19

After 2008, Texas Democrats switched to R as it became clear the the Republicans would be the dominant party, but the Republicans have always been shy about asserting control and many of the ex D members kept on as before .... and that is now a habit.
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