Carry guns, ammo, carry practices!

Personal defense considerations to include, but not limited to carry permits, legal issues, equipment suitability, training, etc.
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Carry guns, ammo, carry practices!

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Post about your carry guns and ammo, and related stuff, boys.

I carry a PF940v2 in 9mm. I've got 17+1 of 124gr 9mm Federal HSTs on tap and two reloads to boot. I carry at 2:00 with just a black t-shirt and I move it to 3:00 when I add a Hawaiian shirt. As a fat boy, I can conceal just about anything :lol:
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Re: Carry guns, ammo, carry practices!

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Modified 1911A1, national match barrel and bushing. Standard 230 grain FMJ .45 ACP. Comfortable with it because I carried it in the Army before transition to the M9. Used to carry a Walther P5, but went back to a "heavy hitter".
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